Perform Cash App Login & Provide Requested Documents

Using the Cash App platform for investment purposes doesn’t ask for much attention and hectic process. You just need to accomplish a small account registration process which is also known as the sign-up process and afterwards complete the Cash App login process. That’s it! This is how you can step into the Cash App and you can avail of various Cash App functionalities and offers.

But, for performing some activities, especially fund-related activities, you’ll be asked to submit some documentation for verification purposes. For instance, when you try to excess Bitcoin investing or increase limits, you’ll get a prompt requesting some documentation.

So, if you want to avoid these prompts, you should submit all the essential documentation needed for verification. Want to learn the process of submitting documents? Here is the way to explore.

invest in crypto and stocks through Cash App
First, get to know about the needed documents

When the activity you are performing on the Cash App login page is related to the funds, you need to verify the source of income you have selected, and accordingly, you need to submit documents. Here I am going to enlist the income sources and the documents that Cash App accepts.

Income Source: Savings or Inheritance

·         Documents: Account Statements (last 30 days), Account Balance (last 30 days), Most recent W-2, Will

Income Source: Investments or Lottery

·         Documents: Account Statement (last 30 days), Account Balance (last 30 days), W2-G

Income Source: Pay from the employer, the government, or self-employment

·         Documents: Account Statement (last 30 days), Account Balance (last 30 days), Latest pay stub, Latest W-2, 1099, W-9, business certificate, or other IRS tax form

Income Source: Cryptocurrency Investments

·         Documents: Crypto Wallet Statement (last 30 days)

Income Source: Alimony or Spousal Support

·         Documents: Account Statement (last 30 days), Account Balance (last 30 days)

What you should keep in mind before submitting documents?

After collecting the documents according to your chosen income source, you can proceed with document submission. But, here are a few things that you should keep in mind before submitting documentation on Cash App.

·         Your document has to include your full name including your first and last name.

·         The document should be legible for verification.

·         Each and every word of your document should be clearly visible.

·         The picture of your document should contain all four corners without any other object in the surroundings.

·         The picture should be taken by putting the document on a flat surface.

These are the points which you should know before submitting the documents. Now, we will look at the complete process of document verification to complete the Cash App login in a true manner.

What is the process to submit asked documents on Cash App?

Make sure you have already performed the Cash App login and then proceed to submit documentation by following the instructions mentioned right away.

1.       Open the Cash App and hit the profile identicon located on the home page.

2.      Locate the “Account & Settings” option and open it.

3.      And here, choose the “Limits” option to proceed.

4.      You’ll see a “Verify Income” tab over there, click on it.

5.      Fill out the details of your income verification documents.

6.      Thenceforth, by making sure that your document is supported by Cash App, submit it.

This is all you need to do in order to accomplish the document verification, once this is done, you’ll be eligible to perform all the activities you were prohibited to do before document submission.

Final Take!

As its name suggests, Cash App is designed in a way to fulfil all of your monetary needs. You can transact, deposit, withdraw and invest funds using the of Cash App website or mobile application. The interface of the Cash App is beginner-friendly and provides the easiest access to a free-to-use financial platform with an instant payment facility using a card or bank account.

You can begin the usage of this platform just after creating your account and performing a Cash App login but for a few fund-related activities, you need to verify some of your documents. The process of submitting the documents on Cash App is mentioned above, so go through the read and begin a clutter-less journey. 


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